Get Well Soon, Dennis

File photo Dennis will be taking an extended leave after more than 15 years with the Sun.

Get Well Soon, Dennis

As many of our dear readers may have heard through one grapevine or another, our esteemed publisher, mentor and friend, Dennis “The Menace” Evanosky has been forced to take an extended leave of absence due to an ongoing health situation, effective as of last week. This will be the first edition without his wisdom, vision, and guidance — or his iconic historical articles.

Our tiny office here on Encinal suddenly seems absolutely cavernous without him around.

Dennis suffers from mild seizures which have made the herculean task of running the paper increasingly difficult these last few months. But fear not, fellow islanders, Dennis is alive (and as well as can be) and in good spirits.

The inexhaustible Evanosky is never finished. Hopefully, he’ll use the time off to finally finish his novel, which is what he’s usually pounding away at in front of his computer when not cranking out hundreds of pages of news and history a year. Let’s just consider this a truly well-deserved vacation after his many years of dedicated service informing and educating the communities of Alameda, Oakland, and wherever the Sun shines.

We wish Dennis, his wonderful and supportive wife Pauline, and their extended family of cats, birds, and other creatures a safe and peaceful holiday and a healthy and happy new year.

Dennis will be truly missed during his break.

We’re truly honored and touched by all of you who have submitted articles for this week’s edition and lots of kind words for Dennis.

Due to the overwhelming volume of responses we received, we sadly couldn’t publish every contribution this week, but thank all of you for taking the time to step up and help keep the paper filled.

If you don’t see your piece, check back throughout the month and stay tuned. We couldn’t do what we do every week without your loyalty and support.