Funds Forms Released

Courtesy LWVA &nbsp&nbsp The above charts are a sample of the information compiled by the League of Women Voters of Alameda.

Funds Forms Released

2018 campaign spending analyzed

The City of Alameda City Clerk’s Office has released last month’s campaign statements from political figures seeking office in the city. 

The clerk’s office released the California Form 460 and 497 detailing the amount each candidate raised through donations and loans for their campaigns for the Nov. 6 election. There was a huge difference in funds raised among the three mayoral candidates. Between Jan. 1 and Sept. 22 mayoral candidate Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft raised 23,030.12. Fellow mayoral challenger Frank Matarrese raised $7,074, while incumbent Trish Spencer raised $5,297. 

Ashcraft received her first donation on April 18 from Dean Santner Design for $100, according to her Form 460. The names and addresses of donors who contributed less than $100 are not disclosed on Form 460. Mataresse’s first donation of more than $100 was received on July 14 from Thomas Charron MD to the tune of $500. Spencer received two donations on Aug. 29. She received a $100 donation from Mel Waldorf, a software engineer at the Bluesky Marketing Group in Alameda and a $500 donation from Mark Hersman, the CEO of Investment Portman Enterprises LLC in Alameda.

The form also included the sources of the donations. Spencer received her entire donation allotment from Alameda residents. Matarrese received $200 of his total from Berkeley resident Barbara Gross Davis, MA, PhD. Gross, however is the vice president of WASC Senior College and University Commission in Alameda. 

Ashcraft received $4,850 in donations from non-Alameda residents. This total included $1,000 from San Francisco resident and CEO of Almanac Beer Co. Damian Fagan, $1,000 from Mathias Masem of Oakland and $500 from Oakland resident and Power Engineering CEO David Mik. She also received $150 from Anne O’Leary of Arlington, Va. 

Spencer and Matarrese both took out loans to finance their campaigns. Matarrese took out a $2,759.21 loan, while Spencer’s loan was in the amount of $5,375. Ashcraft did not report a loan amount but she did donate $189.10 from her 2016 City Council campaign to her mayoral race.

The five City Council candidates raised much more funds than the three mayoral candidates. Topping the list was City Council incumbent Jim Oddie. Oddie raised $45,317.41. Behind him was former Councilmember Stewart Chen at $38,383.35. Former Planning Board member John Knox White raised $30,575, City Council hopeful Robert Matz raised $8,308.20, while Tony Daysog raised $6,775.

Much of Oddie’s funds came from businesses and unions. Oddie received about $19,000 from unions including $6,500 from the Construction & General Laborers Local Union 304 Pac in Sacramento, $3,000 from the IBEW Local Union 1245 in Vacaville, $2,000 from the Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local No. 104 in San Ramon, $2,000 from Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 District 20 in Alameda. Another $10,000 came from different businesses with the most being a $5,000 donation from California Waste Water Solutions in San Jose.

City Council hopeful Stewart Chen also received a significant portion of his donations from businesses. Almost half his total raised came from businesses, much of them located outside of Alameda. The U.S. Freight Systems Inc. in Oakland donated $3,000, Duong Family Investments LLC in Oakland contributed $2,000, Primary Circle Insurance Services in San Leandro donated $1,100 and CJ Distribution in Oakland donated $1,000. Most of the funds raised for Oddie and Chen came from outside Alameda.

All of Daysog’s funds came from Alameda residents including $2,345 he donated to his own campaign. Matz’s lone non-Alameda resident contribution was for $100 from Allied Concrete Ready Mix LLC of San Francisco. The majority of Matz’s donations came from a $5,000 contribution from Kyung Hwan Kim, owner of Alameda’s Sushi House. 

The majority of Knox White’s donations came from Alameda sources and were for less than $300. He received $1,000 from the Rob Bonta for Assembly campaign. His largest donation came from Alameda resident Barbara Krummel to the tune of $1,500. 

Two council seats are available for the five hopefuls. Matarrese’s and Oddie’s terms are up. The General Election is Nov. 6. To view each candidate’s California form 460, visit