Fry Brothers Tournament Results are in the Books for 86th Straight Year

Bobbie Hoepner  The winners from left to right: D Flight winner Pam Curtis; C Flight winner Jean Cho; B Flight winner Claire Loud; and A Flight winner Tai Chewpanich.

Fry Brothers Tournament Results are in the Books for 86th Straight Year


The 86th Annual Fry Brothers Memorial Tournament came to an end Thursday, May 26, after three hard fought rounds on the Earl Fry Course. The four flight champions faced little resistance on their way to their flight victories.

Tai Chewpanich won Flight A with a 5-and-3 margin — led by five holes with three holes remaining. Flight A had a handicap of 11 to 23. Dot Moody defeated Jenny Bae in a head-to-head match up to come in third place. Maggie Lindquist finished in fifth place with a win over Cheryl Saxton, while Madeline Sally came in seventh place with a win over Fran Mori.

Claire Loud recorded a dominating 6-and-5 victory over Sarah Valentine to win Flight B — handicap of 23 to 26.5. The six-hole victory was the largest victory of any of the four flight in the tournament. Pat O’Hara defeated Barbara Mickle to claim the third position in the eight-player flight group. Debbie Adams took down Jane Sullwold for fifth place, while Sonia Kwak beat Carole Evans for seventh place.

Jean Cho beat Barbara Wood 2-up — led by two holes at the end of the 18 holes — in Flight C. This was the closest flight championship match. Diane Hughes took down Shirley Lee to come in third place. Susan Yoon had the upper hand against Linda Ferrill to claim fifth place in the flight. Liz Warner beat Jaime Totsubo to finish in seventh place. Flight C was played at a handicap of 26.5 to 29.2.

Pam Curtis grabbed the title of Flight D winner with a 5-and-4 victory over Veronica Wang. The flight is played among those with a handicap of 29.3 and up. Bobbie Hoepner defeated Susan Logan. Wilda Moore and Ann Ching battled for fifth place with Moore coming out victorious. Lynette Mlandich took down Connie Wendling for seventh place.