Fry Brothers Memorial Tournament Underway

On Thursday, May 15, the Alameda Women’s Golf Club hosted the second round of the 84th Fry Brothers Memorial Match Play Tournament. This annual match honors the Fry brothers — Earl, Mark, Dick Fred and Tom — who donated the first trophy to the Alameda Women’s Golf Club in 1930, when all golf was “match play.”

Three players forfeited their rounds: two due to injuries in Flight C and one because she was in Maui and was unable to reschedule her match. Those who did play called it a perfect day for golf.  Sunny, warm and a slight breeze to keep the temperature down to a comfortable degree combined to make it a perfect day for golf: the greens were fast, and the fairways cut short and wide.

In Flight A it was Dot Moody over Stephanie Bellato, 3 and 2. Tai Chewpanich over Juanita Solano 4 and 3; Madeline Sally over (A3) Bernice Herzberg, 4 and 3; and Jackie Suh over Fran Mori by forfeit.

In Flight B it was Barbara Wood over Barbara Mickle, 2 and 1; Debbie Adams over Linda Ferrill , 2 and 1; Louise Eilhardt over Sarah Valentine, 2-up; and Pat O’Hara over Carole Evans, 3 and 2.

In Flight C it was Kay Park over Betty Hatch, 2 and 1; Bobbie Hoepner over Pam Curtis, by forfeit; Diane Hughes over Susan Logan, 1-up and Marty Stitzle over Donna Cooper, by forfeit.
Today, May 22, should see some good golf as the undefeated in each flight play a match for first and second.