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City Hosts Chochenyo Park Celebration

Aug 03,2021

Last Thursday, July 29, the community gathered to honor Chochenyo Park.

On Jan. 19, the City Council directed staff to dename this park due to the atrocities committed by its namesake, President Andrew Jackson,

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Mayor Updates Community

Jul 28,2021

Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft

Paving the way for De-Pave Park: A World War II-era run¬way on the westernmost side of Seaplane Lagoon at Alameda Point will eventually be converted into a 12-acre urban park and tidal ecosystem.

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Boy Scout Presents Piano as Eagle Project

Jul 21,2021

Nathaniel Basco, Boy Scout of Troop 11 in Alameda, created a public piano installation as a part of his Eagle Scout project. Alameda artist Deirdre Freeman painted the piano. Anchor Alameda Association for Art and Film is the nonprofit beneficiary.

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