Front Page News

The annual All-Services Military Retiree Seminar will take place on Coast Guard Island, Saturday, May 4, in Building 4 on Campbell Boulevard. The Northern California Coast Guard Retiree Council (NCCNRC) will host complimentary continental breakfast with registration from 7:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. in the Point Welcome Room. 

Alameda residents may apply now to serve on the Peralta Community College District’s Measure G Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee and the Measure E Citizens’ Parcel Tax Oversight Committee.

The Navy plans to clean up and remove some 400 linear feet of pipeline at Alameda Point. These pipes once carried industrial waste that included luminescent paint used in aircraft dial faces and other instrumentation. The Navy once rinsed these paint wastes that contained radium into sinks whose water carried this contamination into the pipes. 

The project will include digging trenches to remove the pipes and radiologically testing the pipes. Once the contractor removes the pipes, workers will backfill the trenches. 

The Alameda City Council met last Monday to tour the Enterprise District at Alameda Point. After a brief meeting at the Ron Cowan Central Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility, Councilmembers toured the district with two stops: Building 530 at 120 Oriskany Ave. and Building 360 on an 18-acre site at West Pacific Avenue and Skyhawk Street. 

Ron Thompson and Marcia Gill of Alameda, right, won the first-place award of $250 in the inaugural art show at the City of Alameda’s Earth Day Festival for their fish sculptures. While their sculptures ingeniously included cast-off materials such as saw blades, drill bits, nails and valves, Thompson and Gill’s incorporation of plastic discards unanimously captured the judge’s approval.