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Park Street has been newly reconfigured and restriped, allowing more space for physical distancing while waiting in line and visiting outdoor establishments. Markings on the street itself show a new lane for short-term parking for pick-ups and drop-offs. 

As it does every year, around the Fourth of July, U.S.S. Hornet played host to the swearing in of new citizens of the United States. This year, COVID-19 interfered and the ceremony was held without families present and with everyone taking the oath with the proper social distancing between them. 

The Alameda County Civil Grand Jury report includes Alameda Health System, which operates local hospital 

The health organization that operates Alameda Hospital is in dire financial health. This according to the Alameda County’s 2019-2020 Civil Grand Jury report.  

In the report, which was released last month, AHS’ audited financial statements from June 30, 2019 show AHS having a negative net worth of $300.6 million. AHS’s internal budget documents report AHS having a cash deficit of approximately $144 million in fiscal year 2020. 

On June 29, Alameda County paused its reopening plan, given the recent increases in COVID-19 cases and hospitalization rates. The county will stay in the current stage of reopening for longer than originally expected. Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsome announced that many counties that had been reopening at a faster pace than Alameda County now must roll back, as COVID-19 cases spike across California.

Name strikes chord with Black Lives Matter movement across country

Calls have surfaced in Alameda to rename Calhoun Street. This is part of a nationwide effort to remove street names that honor people tainted with racism. 
William Worthington Chipman and Gideon Aughinbaugh established the Town of Alameda in 1854. They named the first three streets from south to north for men that history recalls as the Triumvirate: Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun and Daniel Webster.