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A trip to Alameda’s Farmers Market is always a colorful experience.

l foodies flock to the quaint Farmers Market on Haight Avenue just off Webster Street. I arrive on my fire engine red bicycle as part of the zero emission market aficionados who leave their cars at home and walk, bike or ride the bus. There is an air of therapeutic leisure here, unlike shopping at major supermarkets where 40,000 packaged foods are nothing more than manufactured edibles (some inedible). They overwhelm the brain as shoppers grab and pick through the shelves and dump it all in a cart in a hurry.

The Encinal Jets and the Junior Jets are about to become one big, happy family.

On Tuesday the school board considered whether to combine Encinal High School and the Junior Jets middle school program on the Encinal campus into a single school. The new school would be called Encinal Junior/Senior High School.

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An architect’s rendering for the now approved WETA ferry maintenance facility shows the building not far from where the USS Hornet is docked. This image looks to the west, away from the rest of the city and toward Seaplane Lagoon

A new ferry maintenance facility is coming to Alameda Point, but not everyone is thrilled. While all welcome the good-paying jobs it will bring to Alameda, some are saying the facility is in the wrong location, and others, including Mayor Trish Spencer, are saying the city’s planning process for the facility was not transparent.

Expenditures for Alameda firefighters have been a concern for many Alameda residents for years. Part of the reason for the concern is the amount paid to Alameda firefighters in overtime pay, which ballooned in 2014.

Alameda Fire Department (AFD) employees received approximately $1,160,694 in overtime pay in 2014, according to the City of Alameda 2014 Employee Earning and Benefits Report. The pay has come under scrutiny from some Alameda residents.

A martial arts demonstration on the lagoon was just one of many performances at this year’s Lunar New Year Festival. For more images from the festival, visit the new gallery at