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Meetings Discuss Fate of Ferries this Week

Apr 07,2016

Two crucial meetings are scheduled to take place this week regarding the future of the proposed ferry terminal at the Seaplane Lagoon at Alameda Point. The ferry will provide commuters an additional option for public transit service from Alameda Point to San Francisco.

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Dennis Evanosky

Mayor Says ‘Play Ball!’

Apr 05,2016

Mayor Trish Spencer, seated lower left, invited city staff and her friends to join her on the City Hall steps on Monday. Spencer was responding to an invitation from the United States Conference of Mayors to “Play Ball,” a joint program coordinated by Major League Baseball and USA Baseball.

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Posey Tube to Close for Maintenance and Servicing

Mar 31,2016

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) announced today that it will close the Posey Tube on Monday, April 11, for maintenance and servicing.

The Posey Tube, from Alameda into Oakland, will be closed as follows:

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Adam de la Torre  Frank Bette

Frank Bette: The Man Behind the Art Center

Mar 31,2016


Many people who stop by the Frank Bette Center for the Arts are curious about the history of the big golden yellow building at the corner of Paru Street and Lincoln Avenue. They also ask about the man behind the center. 

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