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Some 2,000 parcels in the city of Alameda are within the newly identified 100-year floodplain. That means there is a 1 percent chance that in any one year the property will experience flooding from extreme high tides and storm activity. The floodplain map is determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Google-owned Makani, a wind energy company at Alameda Point, moved one step closer last week to full-scale testing of its flying electricity kite. The novel invention made a rare public appearance at the company’s test site near the USS Hornet to fine-tune the docking maneuver. It will be deployed at a test site being readied in Hawaii where it will reach an altitude of 1,100 feet.

The Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) recently announced the retirement of a beloved employee, Vickie Smith. For more than 10 years, Smith has implemented the McKinney-Vento Homeless Act for AUSD, which helps homeless students get enrolled in public schools.

She has helped hundreds of homeless students get not only the education to which they have a right, but the services and supplies their families need to get back on their feet. Those services and supplies have included backpacks and materials for school, clothing, transportation, food, counseling and health care.

Map & Story by Chris Ringewald

Housing prices, gentrification and inequality have been hot topics in the news lately. Recent articles and opinion pieces in the Alameda Sun have wrestled with how many people will move to Alameda due to new development, and others have grappled with how many will move out through eviction. 

Somewhat lost in the discussion has been a sense of just how many people have been moving in, and outside of specific developments, where the most new Alamedans are settling.

Mayor Trish Spencer and the Alameda Sister City Association plan an official visit to Dumaguete, Philippines, in November. Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria has extended an invitation to travel Alameda’s newest sister city; a Dumaguete delegation visited Alameda earlier this summer. The two mayors will sign a Memorandum of Agreement that will outline plans for cultural, educational and business exchanges over the coming years.