Front Page News

The City Council is seeking residents to serve on the board of trustees for the county’s Mosquito Abatement District.

The Board of Supervisors and the city councils of each of the 13 cities within the district appoint one trustee to represent its constituency on the governing board.

The board consists of individuals dedicated to community service and willing to accrue the knowledge required to effectively govern a mosquito abatement district. Application forms may be obtained from, and filed with, the City Clerk, City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Ave., Room 380.

Alameda Public Works officials and Alameda Police Department officers were called monitor and repair a section of Otis Drive that collapsed into a sinkhole last Wednesday, July 1.

Crews were working on emergency repairs on Otis Drive between High and Mound streets, after an apparent water or sewer pipe rupture. Crews were seen patching the road up Wednesday evening.

No place does the Fourth of July quite like Alameda. In celebration of the birthday of the United States of America, Alameda will play host to a parade consisting of more than 150 entrants over a 4.6-mile route from Park Street to Webster Street. Thousands of spectators (above) will line the parade route this Saturday. Preceding the parade at 9 a.m. is the Ralph Appezzato Charity Event (R.A.C.E.) foot race which raises money for local charities. Please be aware of street closures associated with the parade and race.

Alameda Police Department (APD) and other neighboring police agencies set up a pedestrian sting operation that resulted in 168 citations being issued Wednesday, June 24.

The operation took place at eight different intersections throughout the city last Wednesday spanning from morning to afternoon. Approximately 80 percent of the citations were for pedestrian violations; however, additional citations were issued for distracted driving and excessive speed.

The Planning Board unanimously put a stop to Francis Collins’ Boatworks project at its June 22 meeting. The move came after City Planner Andrew Thomas pointed out several issues to board members, among them that taxpayers, rather than Collins, would foot the most of the bill to construct the 80-foot-long public dock.