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The San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) announced two East Bay firms have been pegged to design and construct an operation and maintenance facility at Alameda Point. Overaa Construction of Richmond and Power Engineering Construction of Alameda will be tasked with building the Central Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility. 


On Monday, April 11, at 9:49 p.m., 18 firefighters from the Alameda Fire Department (AFD) responded to a house fire on the 400 block of Greenbrier Road. When they arrived on scene crewmembers saw smoke coming from a single-story home. They learned that the occupants had already been evacuated.  

Firefighters entered the home and discovered a back room on fire. Some crewmembers pulled pre-connected hose lines and quickly extinguished the blaze, while others used a power saw and tools on the roof to ventilate the home. 


The Alameda Housing Authority (AHA) is hosting a series of workshops to explain the city’s new rental ordinance. The workshops will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the months of April and May. All workshops are free and are held in the Ruth Rambeau Community Room at Independence Plaza, 703 Atlantic Ave. 

The eighth session of the Culinary Academy of Post Street (CAPS) focused on a distant continent in distress: Africa. Most people have heard about the Minneapolis dentist who senselessly slaughtered Cecil, the rare black-maned lion. But Cecil was not the only rare animal on the savannah: many African species have drastically diminishing populations. Some are even completely extinct in the wild, with a few lone survivors still on display in zoos.


If California is to meet its Renewable Portfolio Standards, utilities will need an environmentally friendly, cost effective way to store renewable power and dispatch it to the grid when needed. Amber Kinetics, a vertically integrated manufacturer and project developer of grid-scale energy storage systems, recently partnered with Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) to test the viability of using flywheels for energy storage. 

Amber Kinetics connected its Alameda Point Test Site with AMP’s grid in February, and has now begun testing of its flywheel units.