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Face coverings the new normal; maintaining physical distance, while maintaining social connections essential

By March 15, the seven public health officers from Bay Area counties and the City of Berkeley had watched with alarm as COVID-19 spread through Wuhan, China, then devastated Italy where doctors were forced to ration ventilators. They knew they had to act quickly to avoid a similar outcome, so on March 16, they jointly issued the nation’s first shelter-in-place (SIP) order.

In recognition of Mental Health Month and to help ensure those struggling know they are not alone, City staff decided to try something new. Alameda joined other cities across the country and shined a green spotlight on City Hall. Lime green is the official color of mental-health awareness.

A profound effect of the pandemic is more people than ever experiencing mental health challenges with increasing anxiety, depression and even thoughts of suicide. 

At a special meeting on Thursday, May 7, the Alameda City Council voted to create a subcommittee to further evaluate community input of a possible amendment to Article 26 of the Alameda City Charter.

Council voted 4-0; Council-member Malia Vella did not attend. The subcommittee, comprised of Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft and Councilmember Jim Oddie, will address public concerns, including whether it is appropriate to make a ballot proposal while residents are sheltering in place. Oddie and Ashcraft will present their findings at a meeting in June. 

Vince Hal, cashier at Alameda Natural Grocery, sprays disinfectant onto shopping baskets and carts. Shoppers enter incrementally after washing hands at the portable sinks or using hand-sanitizing stations provided at the parking lot entrance. They are also required to wear face coverings while inside.

Pandemic sweeping nation, world

I received the following notices related to the coronavirus pandemic this week.

Ceremony Canceled
Joe LoParo, a former marine and a leader in the veteran community, wrote the Alameda Sun with the following message.