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The Alameda City Council conducted a public hearing to listen to Alameda residents’ input on proposed amendments to the city’s Municipal Code involving cannabis-related business at its Jan. 15 meeting. If the Council decides to make amendments to the city’s cannabis ordinances, it would repeal ordinances 3227 and 3228 that involve the regulatory and land-use aspects of marijuana business in the city and create two new ordinances. 

Alameda is accepting the 21st century challenge to create a city that is healthy, inclusive and resilient. Some challenges the Island City faces include traffic, high housing costs, aging infrastructure and increasingly, the impacts of climate change. Alamedans have experienced three major wildfire smoke incidents in the last 15 months, including weeks of unhealthy air quality due to the recent Camp Fire. Less visibly, the San Francisco Bay is gradually rising, threatening our shoreline parks, businesses and homes. 

Coast Guard can receive financial help amid shutdown

In response to the current government shutdown, Sea West Coast Guard Federal Credit Union is offering interest-free payroll loans to active-duty, retired and civilian Coast Guard members in order to help them through any financial difficulty they may face as a result of working without pay.

Alameda Police Department’s (APD) Crime Prevention Technician Michaelia Parker, left, spoke with local businessman Tom Bierly during last Tuesday morning’s Coffee with a Cop at the West End Starbucks. Parker staffs APD’s crime-prevention unit, C.O.P.P.S., which stands for Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving. The coffee klatsch offered residents the opportunity to speak with police officers, ask them questions and voice their concerns about crime in the city.


Project Tree was created in 2016 when the publishers of the Alameda Sun, alarmed at the decline of Alameda’s urban canopy post-drought, offered Alameda Backyard Growers (ABG) $1,000 to buy and plant some trees. A fledgling program was designed to purchase and plant fruit and shade trees in private yards around town. Project Tree Phase 1 eventually proved itself a success by putting 34 new trees in Alameda soil.