Front Page News

Alameda resident Craig Coombs, 57, has set a personal mission to be the first person complete a swim around the Main Island. Coombs plans to start his swim from the jetty on the east side of Crown Beach (in front of the bowling alley) at 3:15 a.m. this Sunday, Sept. 9. He then intends to swim clockwise around the Island City. If all goes as Coombs expects, the entire swim will take eight hours, give or take 30 minutes. 

This past summer, 17 students from St. Joseph Notre Dame High School (SJND) traveled to Imperial Beach, just north of the border between the United States and Mexico, for an exercise in service leadership. As participants in the Sierra Service Project (SSP), students had the opportunity to work on home-improvement projects for selected members of the community who could not afford to undertake these projects without assistance from SSP. 

Ocean Cleanup (OC) announced that it finished the six-month task of assembling “System 001” at Alameda Point last Friday, Aug. 31. Tomorrow, Sept. 7, the company will transfer the system from Seaplane Lagoon to the offshore supply ship Maersk Launcher. Then on Sunday the Launcher, with System 001 in tow, will sail out the Golden Gate on its way to help clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP). 

Alameda won’t apply for USDOJ cash

The City of Alameda is electing not to submit an application for the 2018 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) from the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ). Chief of Police Paul Rolleri advised Alameda County officials that the city would not apply for this federal grant. This means Alameda’s allotted funds, a total of $10,511.75, will be distributed to other agencies in Alameda County. 

Event a success for Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter

“Clear the Shelter,” which ended Sunday, marked the third free-adoption event this year sponsored by the Alameda Support Foundation (Mary Elena Goodan and Les Hilger) for the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS). The two organizations might hold one more before the end of the year depending on shelter population.