Front Page News

In January, Encinal High School (EHS) installed eight surveillance cameras in response to the overwhelming number of fire alarms being pulled throughout the course of 2019. The cameras were an attempt to deter students from pulling alarms and setting fires on campus. 

Before the installation of the cameras, EHS was using private security guards, different from school police or campus security, to monitor the campus. They were hired due to the intentional fires caused by students.

Schools, entertainment venues closed; events canceled

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the City of Alameda stated in a series of press releases last week, that it will be taking extra precautions to protect the health and safety of employees and the community. The frequency and level of cleaning at facilities, including at all fire stations will be increased. In addition, many large city-sponsored events have been canceled or postponed. People older than 60 and people with underlying health conditions are at a much higher risk of severe illness. 

After 19 years of business the Alameda Sun has reached a crossroads in history. The Sun cannot, in good conscience, continue to deliver unsolicited copies of the newspaper, given the current pandemic. Starting March 26, the Sun will no longer circulate free copies door-to-door in Alameda. Keep in mind of all of our content is still fully accessible for free at 

Alameda Food Bank volunteers gave out pre-packed grocery bags, filled with food donated from local stores such as Target, Trader Joe’s and Grocery Outlet on Monday. The food bank’s operations have been relocated to its Alameda Point warehouse where staff, volunteers and food recipients are using the additional space to practice social distancing. 

Costs spike during transition

In its 2021 Budget request to Congress, submitted on Feb. 10, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is asking for $152.9 million in additional funding in order to construct the clinic and administrative office building at Alameda Point. Up until now, the VA had funding only for site grading, utilities and road work, the first phase of the cemetery and on-site wetland mitigation.