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City Seeks Community Input for 2040 Draft EIR

Sep 06,2021

The city has made its draft General Plan 2040 and the plan’s 2040 Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) available for review on t its website. These plans are also available for review at the Main Library at 1551 Oak St.

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DePave Park Funding Denied

Jun 22,2021

Political favoritism may have affected the decision

The San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority has denied the city’s request for a planning grant for DePave Park at Alameda Point (City to Seek Wetland Park Funding, Sept. 24, 2020).

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Suspects Sought in Two Gun Crimes

Jun 18,2021

Alameda Police Department (APD) detectives are investigating two gun-related incidents that took place in Alameda on the same day.

APD detectives are currently investigating a shooting that took place Tuesday, June 15, near Washington Park, just before 11:30 p.m.

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City Invites Residents to Celebrate Juneteenth

Jun 16,2021

The City of Alameda presents Dr. Cindy Acker’s Zoom production, “Words That Made the Difference: Brown vs the Board of Education.”

Acker is a five-time award-winning educator and playwright who lives and works in Alameda. She both wrote and directed the presentation.

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City of Alameda

Noted Disability Advocate Passes

Jun 16,2021

A beloved member of Alameda’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities and a familiar sight around town, Arnold Brillinger, passed away on May 19. He was 72 years old. Known to his family as Arne, he was born in Zeven, Germany on Nov. 11, 1948, to Waldemar and Ida Brillinger.

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