Friendly Visitors Launches New Friendship with Link to Space

Courtesy photo. Left to right: Art Lenhardt, Wallace Johnson and Rich LaRocca all met through Alameda Friendly Visitors. There’s no reason to feel lonely here in the Island City.

Wallace Johnson, a test pilot on NASA’s Apollo Program, and current recipient of Meals on Wheels and Alameda Friendly Visitors (AFV), enjoyed a special visit from Rich LaRocca and Meals on Wheels volunteer Art Lenhardt. When Lenhardt discovered that former classmate, LaRocca, had worked on all the Apollo antennas, he thought he might be interested in meeting “Wally.” 

Over lunch in December they talked about the Apollo program and discovered all the people and experiences they had in common. Lenhardt learned, among other things, that the microwave oven is a byproduct of the research necessary to send a person into space. Johnson gave LaRocca a copy of his book, From One to Infinity with Synergy, and will probably expect a report when they lunch again, which both promised to do.

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