A Fresh Round of Thank Yous

A Fresh Round of Thank Yous


This week, myself and the Alameda Sun staff would like to thank the following subscribers who responded to an editorial calling for support (“Now is the Time to Support this Unique Source of Alameda News,” Feb. 23). Since the article appeared we have raised more than $4,000 for the paper, mostly in $25 increments.

We appreciate the support we received from Jaqueline & Thomas Keenan, Eve Holguin, Billie Jaber, Guy Mayes & Nancy Issel-Mayes, Linda Grant, Anthony & Roberta Shomon and Madlyn Murphy. Thanks also to Cecelia & Nicola Pereira, Mary & Eric Craig and Paul Foreman. Also among our treasured subscribers are Donald & Lillian Cunningham, Dorothy Freeman, Carolyn Boone, Helen Sause, Fred Eihl, Oakmont of Mariner Point, John Zugnoni, Pirjo Spanfelner, John & Jeanette Zugnoni, Bill Cox and Floyd Hunter. Even more support came in thanks to Jane & John Kos, Yvonne & Patrick Merrigan, Barbara Horn, Brian Lodge, Eileen Blood-Golden, Michael Carney & Sangeeta Misra, Eugene & Linda Casteel, Luise Roke, Hubert Morgan, Judith Lynch, James Hudkins CPA, Marilyn Zecher, Denise Gasti & Cheryl Saxton, Christopher & Karen Smith Ringewald and Steven & Ann Tedrow.  

In addition to comments like “we love your newspaper” we received these notes along with the subscription checks.

We’ve been reading your paper since we moved to Alameda in 2005. So here’s $25 x 13 years = $325. 
We love the paper! Thank you.
— Jackie & Tom Keenan

Alameda Sun staff:
Thank you all for the hometown news. I can’t wait for the Sun to arrive every week and I read it from front to back. Thank you!
— Pirjo Spanfelner 

To Alameda Sun:
I was a loyal reader but now want to be a real subscriber. Please accept this $25 check for a one-year subscription. 
Keep up the good work and I wish you luck.
— Billie Jaber