On Forgetting a Very Important Anniversary

On Forgetting a Very Important Anniversary

June 30 is the anniversary of my automobile accident in upstate New York. At 11:20 p.m., on June 30, 1978, my life changed forever. 

Each year since then I’ve wondered if June 30 would go by without my noticing.

This year just before sunset  I saw that one of my neighbors had decorations up for the Fourth of July. As I photogaphed the house, I looked up to see that the sky was blossoming with an array of colors.

 I jumped into my car and drove around to take pictures of Alameda’s parks.  Later I discovered  so many “must-show photos” among them that  I decided to make a complete show of  all the photos. 

On the front page of this week’s Alameda Sun is a glimpse of the sky as I was leaving Alameda Point. I usually do not name photos but I made an exception for this one and called it “Deserted Tower. “

I hope that as the years go by pleasant and peaceful memoriies will fill each anniversay of my accident instead of how  I have recalled June 30 in the past. I would never have guessed that after all this time, this date continues to have an affect on me. 

Yet when I was out watching the sun set over Ballena Bay I moved effortlessly without reservation. I made my way, because I knew there would be magnificent sights in the evening sky. 

Looking back, I suppose I was out taking photos at the time of the exact anniversary; making new memories of an amazing sunset in Alameda.

JoanAnn Radu-Sinaiko is a local photographer who makes regular contributions to the Alameda Sun.