Football Players Learn Life Lessons Beyond the Field

Alameda High Football Instagram -- April from Copper Banking speaks to Alameda High football players about budgeting money, stocks and retirement during the team’s training camp.

Football Players Learn Life Lessons Beyond the Field

In his role as Alameda High head football coach, Robin Morris made it a priority to give his players tools that will help them succeed after high school.

During training camp in early August, Morris took time out on several occasions to have professionals from different business sectors speak to his players to offer life skills and important information that will be useful after graduation. A financial advisor spoke to the players about budgeting and the importance of saving money for the future, military professionals talked about resources the military offers to new recruits, and a nutritionist from Gatorade taught them about healthy eating and drinking habits.

“It’s not just about x’s and o’s,” said Morris. “It’s about how to get all this information out to the kids so they can be successful young men after high school.”

The players and coaches really got a kick out of the financial advisor’s presentation. “Things that I didn’t learn until I was 30 years old, they were learning as high school students,” said Morris.

Players also listened to presentations from a college counselor as well as tradesmen for those who did not plan on attending college after high school.

Morris said a lot of his players had no idea what they would do after high school. But listening to the professionals gave them an opportunity to see what else is out there. Morris believes the presentations made an impact on his kids.

“I could see the light bulb flick on for a lot of these guys,” said Morris.

Morris wanted to give the students this opportunity because he remembers what it was like to be their age and wishing he had more information at his disposal.

“As a football coach you want to do everything you can for these kids to be successful,” said Morris. “And if we can get someone to talk to these kids about their future, about life lessons, it’s definitely worth it. When I was in high school and college, I really wish I had coaches that did this.”

The Alameda Hornets began their season with a 28-6 victory over Richmond Friday, August 26. They will face Concord High School on the road tonight, Sept. 2.