Flashlight Reading at the Library

Eva Volin--Alameda Free Library’s Flashlight Friday brings all the joy of campfire reading indoors.

Flashlight Reading at the Library

This summer, the Alameda Free Library is hosting “Flashlight Fridays” for children ages 5-12. This program encourages young readers to read silently and independently. Bringing the magic of reading by a campfire indoors, Flashlight Fridays give children their own tents, flashlights and pillows to enjoy personal reading time.

According to Eva Volin, the supervising children’s librarian at Alameda Free Library, this program benefits children as “it allows readers to focus on comprehension rather than pronunciation” and “they’re more likely to retain the information, use their imagination as they read, and be able to apply what they’ve read to their daily lives.”

This idea was brought forth by Dawn Harby, a member of the Children’s Department and it enticed everyone since it was reminiscent of the joys of blanket forts and quiet reading.

This in-library reading program gives kids a space to read and explore imaginary worlds without any interruptions. Encouraging independent summer reading can “help reinforce the skills children learned during the school year, preventing ‘summer slide,’” said Volin.

While Flashlight Fridays gives freedom to children to choose a book of their liking, students that would like more direction can participate in a year-round program called “Pin Pals,” which challenges readers to read five books from a single genre and earn a pin for each genre completed.

Flashlight Fridays will be hosted through the last Friday in July (July 29) and parents can call 510-747-7705 to register for appointments. For those interested in Pin Pals, visit www.alamedafree.beanstack.org.

Alameda Free Library is located at 1550 Oak St.