Five Flutes Fantastically Flouted

The Island City’s cultural meeting place, Rhythmix Cultural Works, has become synonymous with diverse musical productions that present this historic expressions of a particular cultural background.

Thursday night, resident flute player Stephen Shultz, along with four other internationally renowned flute players, brought music from the French court of King Louis XV to life on the Alameda stage with "Five Fantastic Flutes."

The sounds of a Baroque flute, a wooden, one-key instrument developed, in France in the late 1600s. The modern flute is usually made of metal, and has more than 20 keys. The five flutes performed in a unique combination of five solo baroque flutes, meaning, each flute plays a separate part.

The concert featured the entire flute section of the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra: Janet See, Mindy Rosenfeld and Schultz with special guests Lars Johannesson and Alissa Roedig. Also performing was William Skeen on Cello.

The group performed works by the first composer in history to write for five flutes, Boismortier. The program also included the London Trios by Joseph Haydn.

The combined talent of these five musicians created an experience of unparalleled quality in classical.

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