A First for the Mayor

JoanAnn Radu-Sunaiko Mayor Trish Spencer, center, officiates as Carrie Beavers, left, and Peter McCollough exchange their wedding vows at City hall last Thursday. The occasion marked the first time Spencer officiated at a wedding since taking office

Spencer’s first wedding is special at the Alameda Sun

California Family Code 400.1 allows a mayor of a city to solemnize a marriage. Mayor Trish Spencer took advantage of that privilege for the first time last Thursday, Aug. 24, when she officiated as Carrie Beavers and her partner of 17 years Peter McCullough exchanged their wedding vows in the City Councl Chambers.

The blessed event was made just that much more special because Alameda Poet Laureate Julia Park Tracy and Alameda Sun publisher Dennis Evanosky served Beavers and McCullough as their witnesses. Beavers works at the Alameda Sun as the operations and marketing manager. The occasion marked the 10th annniversary of the day that Beavers and McCullough first exchanges vows in a commitment ceremony at Crown Memorial Beach.