AFD Fire Wire

Compiled by AFD Capt. Rick Murray and Dennis Evanosky

Monday, Sept. 28

Emergency medical responses: 7:58 a.m. San Jose Avenue; 8:47 a.m. Wilver "Willie" Stargell Avenue; 11:42 a.m. Corpus Christi Road; 1:59 p.m. Neptune Gardens Avenue; 2:18 p.m. Marnier Square Drive; 3:16 p.m. Webster Street; 5:16 p.m. College Avenue; 7:06 p.m. Payot Court; 10:26 p.m. Santa Clara Avenue; 10:31 p.m. Chapin Street.

Fire responses: 4:30 p.m. 400 block of Central Avenue, apartment fire alarm.

Tuesday, Sept. 29

Emergency medical responses: 12:26 a.m. Neptune Gardens Avenue; 1:38 a.m. Santa Clara Avenue; 2:14 a.m. Versailles Avenue; 9:27 a.m. Lincoln Avenue; 10:16 a.m. Webster Street; 11:40 a.m. Buena Vista Avenue; 12:18 p.m. Clinton Avenue; 12:32 p.m. Lincoln; 2:38 p.m. Mariner Square Drive; 4:33 p.m. Central Avenue; 4:35 p.m. Air Cargo Way in Oakland; 4:47 p.m. Mariner Square Drive; 5:41 p.m. Willow Street; 7:06 p.m. Clinton; 8:01 p.m. Mariner Square Drive; 8:55 p.m. Eagle Avenue; 9:19 p.m. Atlantic Avenue; 11:27 p.m. Lincoln; 11:27 p.m. Encinal Avenue; 11:42 p.m. Lincoln.

Fire responses: 11:01 a.m. and 11:37 a.m. 400 block of Wilver "Willie" Stargell Avenue, commercial fire alarms.

• 12:58 p.m. 1700 block of Santa Clara Avenue, report of the odor of natural gas inside a building. Firefighters and personnel from Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E) were unable to detect any natural gas odors. PG&E crewmembers used their investigative equipment and determined there was no natural gas leak or hazardous gas present. Firefighters instructed the occupants to call back if the unusual odor returned.

• 8:16 p.m. 1300 block of Marina Village Parkway, commercial fire alarm.

Wednesday, Sept. 30

Emergency medical responses: 1:39 a.m. Atlantic Avenue; 7:21 a.m. Santa Clara Avenue; 7:45 a.m. Atlantic; 10:10 a.m. Santa Clara; 10:28 a.m. Linda Vista; 10:39 a.m. Santa Clara; 10:53 a.m. Webster Street; 11:42 a.m. Lincoln Avenue; 11:50 a.m. Thompson Avenue; 11:51 a.m. Encinal Avenue; 12:08 p.m. Webster; 2:05 p.m. Central Avenue; 3:22 p.m. Broadway; 5:48 p.m. Buena Vista Avenue; 7:35 p.m. North Loop Road; 9:27 p.m. Stardust Place.

Fire responses: 10:16 a.m. 1100 block of Ballena Boulevard, report of a fuel spill. Firefighters confirmed the spill and learned that the harbor master had notified the Coast Guard. Coast Guard crewmembers were already on scene. Firefighters identified the vessel responsible for the spill and assisted in shutting down its motor. This stopped the fuel from leaking. They also notified the National Response Corporation. The Coast Guard took over responsibility for the scene, and the firefighters cleared the call.

• 5:36 p.m. 1300 block of Pearl Street, residential fire alarm.

• 9:02 p.m. 300 block of Stardust Place, report of a residential structure fire. Firefighters found light smoke coming from the front of a residence. They pulled a pre-connected hose line into the home, but discovered that the fire was already out. Firefighters made certain that the fire was completely out and ventilated the home of all residual smoke. The cause of the fire is under investigation. There were no reported injuries.

Thursday Oct. 1

Emergency medical responses: 12:02 a.m. Eagle Avenue; 2:41 a.m. Willow Street; 8:43 a.m. Harbor Bay Parkway; 8:48 a.m. Stanton Street; 9:31 a.m. Ironwood Road; 10:41 a.m. Clinton Avenue; 6:43 p.m. Lincoln Avenue; 7:17 p.m. Mariner Square Drive; 7:53 p.m. Atlantic Avenue; 9:15 p.m. Lincoln.

Fire responses: 8:25 a.m. 900 block of Shorepoint Court, apartment fire alarm.

• 12:58 p.m. 500 block of Buena Vista Avenue, apartment fire alarm.

• 1:54 p.m. 1300 block of Park Avenue, report of a child accidentally locked inside a vehicle. Firefighters used their auto entry tool to gain access to the vehicle and free the uninjured child.

• 2:40 p.m. 0-100 block of Wellfleet Bay, report of a construction crew accidently puncturing an underground natural gas line. Firefighters confirmed that the line had been punctured and notified PG&E. They cordoned off the area and remained on scene until a PG&E crew repaired the gas-line break.

• 9:15 p.m. 400 block of Lincoln Avenue, report of the odor of natural gas. Firefighters confirmed the unusual odor. They used their natural-gas monitor to inspect for any hazardous gases, but found none. Neighbors had spotted a skunk in the area.

Friday, Oct. 2

Emergency medical responses: 12:31 a.m. Maitland Drive; 3:08 a.m. Chipman Street; 3:38 a.m. Santa Clara Avenue; 8:10 a.m. High Street; 9:15 a.m. El Portal; 9:23 a.m. Park Street; 10:02 a.m. South Shore Center; 10:32 a.m. Blanding Avenue; 1:39 p.m. Encinal Avenue; 2:30 p.m. Webster Street; 3:41 p.m. Buena Vista Avenue; 4:07 p.m. Santa Clara; 4:18 p.m. Marina Village Parkway, 6:07 p.m. Park Street; 6:45 p.m. Clement Avenue; 9:57 p.m. McElroy Street in Oakland.

Fire responses: 8:19 a.m. 600 block of Central Avenue, report of an unknown substance near a federal government building. Firefighters cordoned off the area and isolated the substance. They notified the Alameda County Hazardous Materials Team. Crewmembers assisted the team with the investigation and the subsequent mitigation of the substance. Firefighters turned the scene over to the county and federal investigators.

• 8:43 a.m. 1300 block of High Street, commercial fire alarm.

• 12:38 p.m. 2900 block of Main Street, commercial fire alarm.

• 4:52 p.m. 100 block of Dahlia Drive, residential fire alarm.

• 8:10 p.m. 2600 block of Fifth Street, report of a fuel spill at a gasoline station. Firefighters used an absorbent to contain and remove the small spill from the concrete.

• 8:46 p.m. 1500 block of Sixth Street, residential fire alarm.

Saturday, Oct. 3

Emergency medical responses: 1:38 a.m. Willow Street; 2:25 a.m. Regent Street; 3:52 a.m. Lincoln Avenue; 9:38 a.m. Santa Clara Avenue; 9:53 a.m. Haight Avenue; 11:24 a.m. Westline Drive; 12:08 p.m. Willow; 12:55 p.m. Webster Street; 1:13 p.m. Santa Clara; 1:15 p.m. Taylor Avenue; 2:30 p.m. South Shore Center; 5:31 p.m. Sixth Street; 6:27 p.m. Park Avenue; 7:10 p.m. Park Street; 8:19 p.m. Parfait Lane; 11:34 p.m. Lakeside Drive in Oakland.

Fire responses: 4:35 p.m. 2500 block of Webb Avenue, report of a Mylar balloon stuck in the power lines. Firefighters notified Alameda Municipal Power (AMP). An AMP crew removed the balloon from the power lines.

• 9:46 p.m. 2100 block of Central Avenue, commercial fire alarm.

• 9:54 p.m. 1700 block of Encinal Avenue, commercial fire alarm.

Sunday, Oct. 4

Emergency medical responses: 1:36 a.m. Park Street; 2:33 a.m. Sherman Street; 2:40 a.m. San Antonio Avenue; 5:14 a.m. Otis Drive; 7:42 a.m. Clinton Avenue; 8:16 a.m. Central Avenue; 10:39 a.m. High Street; 12:45 p.m. Pacific Avenue; 1:07 p.m. Blanding Avenue; 1:32 p.m. Creedon Circle; 2:19 p.m. Brush Street; 2:36 p.m. South Shore Center; 5:12 p.m. Otis Drive; 5:46 p.m. Otis; 5:55 p.m. Airport Drive in Oakland; 8:14 p.m. Rosewood Way; 9:36 p.m. San Jose Avenue; 10:12 p.m. Shore Line Drive; 10:32 p.m. Bay Street; 10:37 p.m. Thau Way.

Fire responses: 7:42 a.m. 2000 block of Clinton Avenue, commercial fire alarm.

• 6:46 p.m. Intersection of Monte Vista Avenue and Fernside Boulevard, report of a small contained fire. Firefighters advised the resident tending the fire of the city’s no-outside-burning ordinance and put out the blaze.

• 7:36 p.m. 700 block of Atlantic Avenue, apartment fire alarm.

Monday Oct. 5

Emergency medical responses: 1:30 a.m. Liberty Avenue; 2:29 a.m. Versailles Avenue; 6:01 a.m. Fountain Street; 10:40 a.m. Webster Street; 11:52 a.m. Mariner Square Drive; 1:02 p.m. McKay Avenue; 1:48 p.m. Willow Street; 1:56 p.m. Shorepoint Court; 3:18 p.m. South Shore Center; 3:29 p.m. High Street; 5:09 p.m. Harbor Road; 5:19 p.m. Buena Vista Avenue; 5:45 p.m. Webster; 6:09 p.m. Marina Drive; 7:38 p.m. Webster; 11:18 p.m. Shore Line Drive.

Fire responses: 1:07 p.m. 400 block of Buena Vista Avenue, apartment fire alarm.

• 3:08 p.m. 2000 block of Santa Clara Avenue, apartment fire alarm.

Tuesday, Oct. 6

Emergency medical responses: 1:36 a.m. Clinton Avenue; 1:36 a.m. Webb Avenue; 1:44 a.m. Shore Line Drive; 2:23 a.m. Buena Vista Avenue; 5:33 a.m. Island Drive; 6:27 a.m. South Shore Center; 8:09 a.m. High Street; 11:19 a.m. Otis Drive; 12:13 p.m. Willow Street; 12:38 p.m. Central Avenue; 12:39 p.m. Central; 1:17 p.m. Clinton; 2:15 p.m. Santa Clara Avenue; 3:12 p.m. Santa Clara; 4:12 p.m. Santa Clara; 4:41 p.m. Briggs Avenue; 5:59 p.m. Willow Street; 6:19 p.m. St. Charles Street; 6:54 p.m. Crown Drive; 9:02 p.m. Brush Street; 9:05 p.m. Elm Street; 9:07 p.m. Roth Lane; 10:12 p.m. Fremont Drive; 10:33 p.m. Justin Circle.

Fire responses: There were no fire responses on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Wednesday, Oct. 7

Emergency medical responses: 7:32 a.m. Lincoln Avenue; 9:40 Mariner Square Drive; 10:35 a.m. Mariner Square Drive; 1:03 a.m. Lincoln; 2:55 p.m. Lincoln; 4:33 p.m. Blanding Avenue; 8:48 p.m. San Antonio Avenue; 9:25 p.m. West Tower Avenue; 11:14 p.m. Shorepoint Court.

Fire responses: 7:31 a.m. Intersection of Broadway and Lincoln Avenue, report of the smell of smoke on an AC Transit bus. Firefighters found no obvious smoke or fire present. The bus was experiencing mechanical difficulties and was placed out of service pending repairs.

• 4:50 p.m. 1300 block of Marina Village Parkway, commercial fire alarm.

Thursday, Oct. 8

Emergency medical responses: 12:43 a.m. High Street; 12:48 a.m. Pacific Avenue; 8:23 a.m. Willow Street; 8:55 a.m. Morton Street; 8:57 a.m. Webster Street; 12:14 p.m. North Loop Road; 12:41 p.m. Encinal Avenue; 6:30 p.m. South Shore Center; 6:36 p.m. Blanding Avenue; 7:18 p.m. Orion Street; 7:36 p.m. Park Avenue; 8:07 p.m. Willow; 10:01 p.m. Oak Street; 10:09 p.m. Fir Avenue; 10:22 p.m. Webster; 10:28 p.m. Lincoln Avenue; 10:59 p.m. Lincoln; 11:42 p.m. Crolls Garden Court.

Fire responses: 11:06 a.m. 1300 block of Park Street, commercial fire alarm.

• 11:34 a.m. 1000 block of Buena Vista Avenue, residential fire alarm.

• 4:22 p.m. Intersection of Otis Drive and Glenwood Isle, report of a possible vehicle fire. Firefighters met with the vehicle owner. She said that she had not called them and that her vehicle had just overheated. Firefighters made certain that there was no emergency and cleared the call.

Friday, Oct. 9

Emergency medical responses: 1:09 a.m. Second Street; 1:47 a.m. Buena Vista Avenue; 9 a.m. Central Avenue; 9:12 a.m. Second; 9:31 a.m. Central; 10:42 a.m. Rosewood Way; 11 a.m. Brush Street; 1:17 p.m. Clinton Avenue; 2:14 p.m. Bay Street; 3:29 p.m. Fernside Boulevard; 3:57 p.m. Island Drive; 10:30 p.m. Atlantic Avenue; 10:53 p.m. Creedon Circle; 11:35 p.m. Santa Clara Avenue.

Fire responses: 12:08 p.m. 2200 block of South Shore Center, commercial fire alarm.

• 2:41 p.m. 0-100 block of Argus Court, report of the odor of natural gas inside a home. Firefighters used a natural-gas monitor to inspect the air for any hazardous gases present but found none. Crewmembers noticed an unusual odor. As a precaution they turned off the gas and notified PG&E. Firefighters cleared the call when the PG&E crewmembers arrived.

• 8:10 p.m. 2600 block of Fifth Street, report of the odor of natural gas outside a home. Firefighters confirmed a slight odor of natural gas coming from the home’s gas meter. They turned off the meter and notified PG&E. Firefighters cleared the call when the PG&E crewmembers arrived.