Final Vote Count Certified

Final Vote Count Certified

The Alameda County Registrar of Voters certified the final General Election results on Dec. 8, 30 days after Nov. 8 Election date.

There were no changes in election winners from the last update (“Election Results Update Part 2,” Nov. 22;, but the final vote tallies have changed.

Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft won the mayoral election with a vote count at 17,178 (59.30%) votes, according to the registrar’s office. Challenger Trish Herrera Spencer came in second with 10,042 (34.66%) votes, while Barack D. Obama Shaw finished with 1,749 (6.04%) total votes.

The City Council race ended with Tony Daysog settling at 14,097 (27.95%) total votes. Tracy Jensen will be the newest member of the City Council. She joins the council after receiving the second most votes with 9,855 (19.54%) of the votes in the final tally. Hannah Groce was about 600 votes away from being selected to the council. She finished third with 9,226 (18.29%) votes. Former Councilmember Jim Oddie (8,488 votes – 16.83%) and Paul Beusterien (7,194 –14.26%) came in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Both measures received approval votes in the final tally. Measure E, which amends the city charter to raise City Councilmembers’ salaries, received 15,276 “Yes” votes to 13,031 “No” votes. Measure F, which increases the city’s Hotel Transient occupancy tax, received 16,942 “Yes” votes and 11,631 “No” votes.

Other final election results:

AUSD Board Members (top two-vote getters elected)
Gary Lym 17,715 39.58 %
Ryan Lalonde 13,709 30.63 %
Maria Elena Moreno Van Maren 6,720 15.01 %
Leland Traiman 6,617 14.78 %

Board Supervisor, Third District
Lena Tam 40,232 52.11%
Rebecca Kaplan 36,978 47.89%

District Attorney
Pamela Price 228,954 53.15 %
Terry Wiley 201,827 46.85 %

AC Transit District Director, At-Large
Joel Young 175,271 55.94%
Alfred Twu 138,065 44.06%

AC Transit District Director, Ward 3
Sarah Syed 50,503 69.92%
Stewart G. Chen 21,728 30.08%

In total, 496,125 ballots were cast, with 457,817 people in Alameda County voting by mail.