Fifty-four Adoptions in Two Days

Courtesy photo - Misty, along with some 40 other cats, found a new home this weekend thanks to the Maddie’s Adoption event held at the Alameda Animal Shelter.

Fifty-four Adoptions in Two Days

Shelter finds homes for 13 dogs, 41 cats at special adoption event

The Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) found homes for 54 animals — 13 dogs and 41 cats — during the two-day Maddie’s Fund adopt-a-thon on the weekend of May 31 and June 1. FAAS has participated in the Maddie’s event for the past three years and has never had this many adopted pets find new forever homes.

Maddie’s Fund reimburses the groups they support for each adoption and FAAS estimates they will receive about $30,000. These funds will be used to help all the animals coming into the shelter now. The weekend was a real win-win for Alameda’s homeless pets and FAAS.

Misty’s Adoption 
One of the cats adopted during the Maddie’s adopt-a-thon was a senior feline named Misty. She arrived as a stray at the shelter in February, horribly matted and very thin. FAAS volunteers rushed her to the veterinarian and had her shaved and medically checked. 

She had obviously spent quite a while on the streets and was suffering badly for it. A life on the streets is no place for a senior gal like Misty. She was a big favorite of all the feline volunteers and staff because Misty was incredibly affectionate.

At one time, she must been someone’s beloved pet because all she wanted to do was curl up in a lap or sit beside someone.  During Maddie’s Adoption weekend, her new person walked in and announced she was here to adopt Misty. This individual had heard her story and felt she could give Misty exactly what she needed and what she had been missing for too long — lots of love.  

Wiggle Waggle Walk
On Sunday, June 8, more than 150 people and an equal number of dogs raised much-needed funds for the animals in the shelter.  It was a beautiful day and a ton of fun for everyone who came to the event. One of the day’s highlights was a parade of some FAAS alumni dogs and volunteers were delighted to see past doggie friends and their owners. There were many smiles and tail wags as we greeted our former shelter guests.

A very special thanks go to our generous event sponsors:  Providence Veterinary Hospital and Clinics, Kaiser Permanente, Kelly Lux of State Farm Insurance, Alameda Pet Hospital, Citizen Canine, Urban Island Home Furnishings, High Street Station Care, Bill Botts Mirror Finish Auto Detailing, Under One Woof, Dog Bone Alley, Basic Bookkeeping, the Edward Jones Office of Deb Knowles,, Alameda Business Network and Invisible Fence.

Rotary Club Grant Received
FAAS is very pleased to be the recipient of a $500 grant from the Rotary Club of Alameda. This grant will help to launch the new humane education program.

Trained volunteers will teach young children (K-6) how to prevent dog bites, and the importance of being respectful and compassionate with animals. The American Humane Association estimates 4.7 million dog bites occur in the U.S. each year and 50 percent of these bites involve children 12 and under. Studies indicate education is the best bite prevention measure and the new FAAS Humane Education Program will be a great step forward in helping Alameda’s children stay safe. 

Mim Carlson is the executive director of the Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter. She can be reached at