Ferry Parking Restrictions in Effect on Harbor Bay


The city has enacted a ban on Harbor Bay ferry riders parking their cars on residential streets near the terminal on Harbor Bay Parkway. The ban went into effect Tuesday.   

City Council and homeowner associations near the ferry terminal — Headlands, Columbia and Harbor Bay Isle — approved a residential permit parking program for the Headlands and Columbia areas on Feb 21. 

Drivers will be allowed to park on residential streets for a maximum of four hours. This will make it impossible for drivers to leave their cars on nearby residential streets while they commute to work without being ticketed. Drivers will need a residential permit to park for more than four hours. 
Alameda police officers will give violators warnings until Friday, Sept. 1, then violators will begin to receive tickets.

There are 250 spots in the ferry terminal parking lot. The parking lot fills to capacity quickly, according to ferry commuters. Ferry officials have urged commuters to use other methods to arrive at the terminal such as taking the free AC Transit line 21 bus, a bike to the ferry, walking or getting dropped off. 

Bicycle parking spaces are expected to triple at the ferry terminal sometime this month.
Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer understands the problem ferry riders face, but says increased parking on residential streets is also a problem.

“The last ferry out of San Francisco is at 8:30 a.m. Our elementary school starts at 8:20 a.m., so there’s like a crunch time. Unfortunately we have to address the safety issue and the cars scrambling to get in the last space in front of someone’s home,” Spencer told ABC News.
The new parking restriction has turned one resident into an entrepreneur. 

Hena Akhtar lives near the ferry terminal. She has also on occasion taken the ferry to work. She empathizes with commuters who will now struggle to find parking. So she created a parking website and app called Parking Angel. The website will allow potential ferry riders to park in her driveway for a fee. She is charging potential customers $10.99 per day, but is offering a discount rate of $7.99 per day this month. 

Akhtar said the hope is that drivers will only use her website to find parking in an emergency, not on a daily basis. She said some of her neighbors might also offer up their driveways to ferry riders. Akhtar’s Parking Angel website is parkingangel.app.appery.io.