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The City of Alameda published a new report last week titled, “Feasibility Study of Six Public Access Pathways on Fernside Boulevard and Eastshore Drive.” The report is the result of studying the six public access pathways along Fernside Boulevard and Eastshore Drive and assesses what recreational uses are possible there. 


Have you ever wondered where the batteries used in our daily appliances come from? The batteries contain cobalt, a raw material mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and often mined by children. 

I am a senior at Alameda High School. I am writing to reach out to the community in hopes of expanding my committee to create a sister city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ideally the city of Kolwezi.

But why? We are in the Bay Area, home to the Silicon Valley, the hub of the tech world.

Alameda children played a special role in ushering in the High Holidays by crafting their very own ram’s horn instrument, known as the shofar, at Chabad of Alameda’s “Shofar Factory” workshop Aug. 26 at Lincoln Park.

According to “The Super Bowl of Beekeeping” an article by Jaime Lowe in the Aug. 9, New York Times Magazine, “About one in every three mouthfuls of food we eat wouldn’t exist without bee pollination.” While local gardeners may not be feeding the world from here in Alameda, the Island City does have a farming history and it does host a lot of fruit trees.  

So providing pollen for bees, which is essential for the growth of seeds and fruits, is a big deal. Whatever the size garden, there are many ways gardeners can help promote, protect and feed our precious pollinators. 

Alamedans Paul and Valerie Ackerman were married on Sept. 13, 1958, in Toronto, Canada. The couple will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with their children and grandchildren at a gathering this weekend at a seaside hotel near Half Moon Bay. Two of their daughters, Jillian Saxty and Dr. Katherine Valois, live in Alameda, while a third daughter, Marnie Jackson, lives in West Marin. Their son, Rob, lives in Seattle.