Feature Articles

The Island City had two anchors in 1918. Its newest resort, Neptune Beach, was drawing people from all over the Bay Area. Its largest industry, shipbuilding, was employing people at Bethlehem Steel’s Alameda Yard to turn out ships to help see the country through World War I. 

Alameda wanted 1942 residents ready for gas attack

A folded bundle of faded, mimeographed copies of a single-page, double-sided bulletin dated April 18, 1942, sat in a drawer for years until my husband cleaned it out as part of a massive de-cluttering effort during shelter-at-home at our house. I had picked it up at an estate sale because the title was so strange. 

The City of Alameda has begun to rehabilitate existing sanitary-sewer mains on Park Street from Santa Clara Avenue to San Jose Avenue. The Park Street sewer rehabilitation work had been scheduled to begin next year, however due to the shelter-in-place order and lower traffic volume, the project has been accelerated.

Construction activity began earlier this month and is estimated to be completed by July. Construction work hours are restricted from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The work will consist of rehabilitating aging sewer mains, laterals and access covers.

In a time of food insecurity, what could be more inviting than a tree covered in fruit? Then again, sometimes the gods can be too kind. Overly generous fruit loads have a way of breaking branches and yielding small, poor-quality fruit if not managed in a timely manner. 

When most families depended on their own gardens to supply the kitchen season-by-season, everybody understood the paradoxical nature of ridding the tree of a sizable amount of its developing fruit in order to get a decent harvest. This might seem an absurdity to today’s hands-off consumer! 

The City of Alameda has been working for several years to redesign Clement Avenue and the Cross Alameda Trail from Alameda Point to the Fruitvale Bridge. Parts of the trail are complete, parts are under construction and parts are still in the planning phase. 

City staff will present the final design concept for the redesign of Clement Avenue between Grand Street and Broadway to the Transportation Commission (TC) on Wednesday, May 27, and to the City Council for final approval in late June or July.