Feature Articles

In response to recent national and local events involving police, the City Council is developing a Workplan to address:

1. unbundling services currently delivered by the Police Department; 
2. systemic racism;
3. a review of Alameda Police Department policies and practices;
4. Alameda Police Department accountability and oversight;
5. a review of laws that criminalize survival; and
6. other matters which may be pertinent.

At its Monday, June 22, meeting the Planning Borad will consider applications for use permits, one on Park Street, the other on Webster. 

Aaron Kraw has applied for the Park Street Permit on behalf of Park Social, LLC. The permint would allow the operation of a cannabis retail dispensary with off-site delivery within the existing commercial building at 1222 Park Street, south of San Antonio Avenue. 

John Ngu is working on behalf of Alameda Patients Group to open a dispensary at 1616 Webster, norh of Lincoln Avenue.

As of June 15, there are 61 cases of COVID-19 in the City of Alameda, an increase of 10 cases since we posted on June 1. Alameda County has 4,481 cases, 98 hospitalizations, and 112 deaths (by comparison, on June 1 we had 3,515 cases, 97 hospitalizations, and 97 deaths). The State of California has 151,452 cases and 5,089 deaths (on May 31 we had 110,583 cases and 4,218 deaths). The United States continues to lead the world in cases and deaths with 2,206,705 cases and 119,091 deaths (on May 31 we had 1,780,897 cases and 104,115 deaths).

The Alameda Fire Department’s Home Safety Program provides and installs 10-year,. maintenance-free smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, as well as other safety items, for low-to-moderate-income residents older than 62 and to the disabled of any age. Alameda residents may call Gina at 510-337-2133 to qualify for this program. 

As of Monday, Alameda Free Library cardholders can make appointments to pick up items at the Main Library. Materials must be placed on hold in advance. Request materials online or at (510) 747-7740 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between noon and 5 p.m.

All holds will be available for pickup at the Main Library, 1550 Oak St., only. Holds that are normally sent to the Bay Farm Island Library and the West End Library must be picked up at the Main Library.