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Suspicious cargo to be examined here if official contract receives approval

Concerns a warehouse and trucking company in Alameda will transport hazardous material including nuclear toxins into the city are overexaggerated said the company owner.

Alameda first to welcome Relay for Life 20 years ago

This year will mark the 20th time that the Alameda community has supported the American Cancer Society through the Relay For Life fundraising event. In 1995, Alameda was the first city in the area to host a relay.Since then, the events in Alameda have raised $1,474,561.49 for cancer research and services for those affected by cancer.

Alameda firefighters responded to a pair of residential fires that caused significant building damage and displaced a tenant last Sunday, Dec. 29.

Friends of Crown Beach hosted a meeting Wednesday, Jan. 15, the Alameda Hospital to kick off the campaign to add a proposed measure to the November ballot to make Neptune Point open space.

In 2006, the federal government stated that they were no longer going to use their offices located on McKay Avenue. Since then the park district has shown an interest in buying the property to expand Crown Beach.