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Tracks curving in from the right once carried Big Reds from Fernside Boulevard onto today’s Tilden Way on their way to the Fruitvale Bridge. The tanks on the right were part of a Signal Oil Distribution Center in the field along Tilden Way known today as Mapes Ranch. The towers poking up in the background were part of a glass
manufactory along Alameda Avenue in Oakland that’s still in business today.

The above photograph from circa 1890 by Alameda resident Edgar A. Cohen is captioned: A Proud Turkey, A Native Son, in Cohen’s own handwriting. Edgar was the son of Alameda railroad baron Alfred A. Cohen who built the first tracks into Alameda in 1864. Edgar was also a talented and extremely detailed photographer. The scene may have been taken in today’s Fernside District. The turkey below was spotted at local bank at South Shore Shopping Center just a few years ago.

Don’t Feed the Turkeys

Girls Inc. of the Island City is accepting nominations for the 2015 Women Who Dare awards. Each year, Girls Inc. celebrates the strides women have made in a particular field. By honoring these women, the organization hopes to inspire girls in its programs to reach for equality and success. Girls Inc. will pay tribute to the recipients at the Albert DeWitt O’ Club on Saturday, March 28, 2015.

Proceeds of Alameda-themed product to benefit local Boys and Girls Club, recent arson victims, other causes

Photographer JoanAnn Radu-Sinaiko, known for her images of Alameda at sunset, has created another one-of-a-kind 13-month wall calendar for 2015. Accompanied by stunning photographs of the Island City, and representing what Radu-Sinaiko describes as "living life in the slow lane," her calendar features thoughtful remembrances of past and present events sprinkled throughout the months.

Lt. Lorna Mae Devera of the U.S. Navy spoke to the Alameda Rotary Club in honor of Veterans Day, Tuesday, Nov. 11. The lieutenant spoke about her experience of quitting her job after 9/11 to enlist full-time in the U.S. Navy, being deployed in Afghanistan, and returning to California to become a

The Alameda Rotary Club holds its weekly luncheon each Tuesday at Grand Pavilion on Bay Farm Island.