Feature Articles

Alameda resident Annette Sandoval is a prolific writer who often sets her works in the Bay Area. Women Are Like Chickens is her latest novel, the story of four Mexican American friends raised in San Francisco during the 1980s.

Although subject to the same strict cultural expectations and limitations, each of the friends will examine and define her own unique identity. At times dark, this novel has unsentimental humor at its core.

In support and recognition of children battling cancer, Alameda resident Marianna Martinez, 11, participated in the St. Baldrick’s Day event at Oakland Children’s Hospital. The Lincoln Middle School student traded her elbow-length hair for a shaved head, she said because she wanted to support a classmate suffering from cancer.

The concept that particular foods promote healthier hearts is not new. It is a fact that a well-balanced nutritional diet contributes to good health throughout a lifetime. For many people, the risk of diseases such as Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and coronary artery issues may be reduced by consuming healthy diets.

The Encinal High Drama Department is currently presenting the mega opus extravaganza: Hairspray.

Based on the 1988 John Waters film of the same name, this musical is ostensibly centered on 1960s-style dance music and “downtown” rhythm and blues; but don’t be fooled.

The music and dancing takes place on the “Corny Collins Show,” a diminutive version of “American Bandstand,” but with an audience of thousands, not the millions that Dick Clark enjoyed.

For those of us who eschew the infamous Irish drinking culture, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations might be a wee bit boring. One could be content to celebrate soberly and simply, by noshing on fatty boiled beef and over-cooked cabbage per the pseudo- New England Irish tradition, or one could take the unusual step of making St. Patrick’s Day saintly.

A saintly St. Patrick’s Day celebration should start with St. Patrick.