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This classic Santa on display now on Bay Farm Island is said to date back to 1963.

Locals know Crane Court is Bay Farm Island’s answer to Christmas Tree Lane (Thompson Avenue) on the Main Island. Since 1985, a Crane Court home has displayed a kindly-looking, classic 1963 ceramic internally lit Santa Claus smiling down on Alameda from a second-story window pictured at right.

Donna Eyestone and her 10-year-old daughter, Emma, have created the sixth in a series of Alameda gingerbread replicas. This year’s creation reflects the Marketplace building at Park Street and Buena Vista Avenue and features the Park Street Bridge made of pretzels.

The Park Street Bridge we know today was built in 1935. It replaced an 1893 bridge, which was built to span the marshland before the estuaury was open to boat traffic in 1902. Today’s Marketplace building once housed the Dietz Motor Co. Built in 1930, it was the first automobile showroom on what became "Auto Row."

Last week I introduced the Alameda Sun’s readers to some real estate terms that they should be familiar with if they want to better understand the Island City’s evolving landscape, both physical and political.

Bundling and unbundling sounds like what you do with children and babies when they come in from the cold. In the real estate world, they apply to parking. Does each unit come with parking spaces (bundled), or are the parking spaces sold separately (unbundled). Who cares, you ask? You do — if you live and/or drive in Alameda.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, enforcement will begin for Alameda County Waste Management Authority’s (ACWMA) Mandatory Recycling Ordinance, which requires all businesses and multi-family homes in Alameda to collect food scraps for recycling.

Alameda’s Toys For Tots program needs your help

The Alameda Collaborative for Children, Youth and their Families, Alameda Unifed School District (AUSD), Alameda Food Bank, Alameda Red Cross Youth and other community organizations are once again working in partnership with the U.S Marine Corps Toys For Tots program to assure that all low-income Alameda families receive Holiday Toys for their children.