Feature Articles

On Tuesday, April 8, from 9 to 10 a.m. the Public Works Department will host a deep-cleaning demonstration on Park Street between Santa Clara and Central Avenue. Several contractors bidding for the cleaning contract will demonstrate their ability to remove years of built-up grime, gum and discoloration on sidewalks and trash cans.

The winner of the demonstration will be awarded the contract to deep clean both sides of Park Street from Encinal Avenue to Lincoln Avenue, scheduled to begin in May.

Hornet Settles Up
The Hornet Foundation delivered a $215,385 check to the city of Alameda to pay its outstanding lease obligation. This demonstrated the foundation’s commitment to keeping the historic aircraft carrier museum here. Five years ago the city’s lease with the Hornet recognized the foundation’s past due rent of $555,000 and challenged them to pay half, in return, the city would write off the remaining balance. The payment delivered meets that challenge.

Keep your eyes peeled for unusual and unfamiliar lights appearing in the night sky thanks to the Alameda Lighthouse Appreciation Society (ALAS).

In celebration of International Lighthouse Recognition Month, which begins Tuesday, April 1, several countries and renowned organizations will be honoring these glowing architectural marvels with events and celebrations around the globe.

Alameda residents John Cashman, Diane Runyan and Nita Greganti are once again joining the AIDS LifeCycle bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles travelling 545 miles to support the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF).

Cashman, owner of The Cashman Team Inc. Real Estate  Company, and one of the oldest on the ride has been riding for the SFAF since 1995 and will take his 12th ride this year.

The Alameda Marketplace announced recently it will be sharing a brand, new parking lot under  construction at the intersection of Park Street, Tilden Way and Lincoln Avenue. The shopping destination’s current lots adjacent to the building will be getting a complete makeover to comply with state regulations for runoff, as well as provide brand new landscaping and lighting.