Feature Articles

I read about last February’s passing of Charlie Sifford, the first black champion on the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) tour, and April’s passing of 12-time PGA champion black golfer Calvin Peete. When I did I immediately thought about Lucius Bateman, the Bay Area black golf professional who had coached so many outstanding players. Bateman passed away in 1975, but not before leaving a tremendous impression on the local golf scene, including here in Alameda.

Local author Eric Johnson recently released his debut novel in what he calls an effort "to combat summer vacation boredom."

Summer School Zombocalypse is an action-adventure novel about four kids who seek family and friendship amidst great adversity.

"After a plane crashes onto the school yard and rescue attempts turn the first responders into zombies, Tom and his motley crew of grade-schoolers fight to find their way home," said Johnson. "But home isn’t the safe haven they have been seeking."

A native Alamedan is currently serving in the Peace Corps in West Africa in the small country of Benin. Anne-Marie Mitchell has been working with farmers and farmer’s groups to adopt new technologies there.

In this effort, she is working with a farm-school in southeastern Benin to build a solar-powered water pump that will irrigate up to 10 new acres of land for a minimum of 10 years. The irrigation is estimated to supply enough water to produce 250,000 pounds of potatoes on those 10 acres.

Alameda resident Monty Heying launched a blog he’s calling "Alameda’s Invisible Toxic Spill." He says that the project chronicles a mystery goo that he thinks contributed to the deaths of 170 local seabirds last winter. His goal is to determine who is responsible for the spill, hold them accountable and raise environmental awareness.

The local business dedicated to teaching the fine art of fashion design and production, The Sewing Room, has announced All-Star Fashion Week in Alameda will be July 13 through 17.

Richard Hallmarq, Emily Payne, James Martinez and Zachary Hernandez from the television show Project Runway will be in Alameda for a week of fashion camp, demonstrations and lectures.

The Sewing Room classes and camps empower people to explore their creativity while learning practical skills.