Feature Articles

The Alameda Boys and Girls Club members recently got a lesson on how to treat toxic storm runoff and prevent it from polluting the bay. As a result, they built and planted a garden that would naturally assist in the removal of toxins in draining water. The club launched the "Bioremediation Garden and Community Clean-up Project" more than a year ago at the Alameda Island Watershed located on its premises.

Automobile fluids flowed into the garden during rains, seriously harming its plants and other living objects, because of the garden’s low-lying location.

The Alameda County Superior Court is warning residents about a jury duty scam. County officials say that a man identifying himself as a lieutenant or sergeant with the Sheriff’s Department is calling people, telling them that they failed to appear for jury duty and there is a warrant out for their arrest.

The caller states that the only way to get the warrant dismissed is to obtain a prepaid money card and give the caller the card number over the phone. The Alameda County Superior Court does not telephone residents for payments; residents should ignore any such phone calls.

The Alameda Food Bank held its annual Volunteer Appreciation Event on Aug. 20, to thank and honor the more than 200 volunteers who keep the operation going.

This year’s Volunteer of the Year award went to Bob "Hurricane" Blanchard. Blanchard has been volunteering at the food bank since 2009. He completes many tasks for the organization and puts his all into it.

The City of Alameda’s Social Services Human Relations Board (SSHRB) is accepting nominations for its second annual City of Alameda Community Service Awards.

The Citizens Watchdog Committee (CWC) of the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) recently released its 13th annual report to the public, covering fiscal year 2013-2014 expenditures and CWC activities through June 2015.

The report confirms that Alameda CTC’s audited income and expenditures were in compliance with specific caps.