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Dennis Evanosky  Lyle La Faver holds a translation of his poem “Death on the Square.” The actions of the Chinese at Tiananmen Square in the summer of 1989 so impressed La Faver that he wrote a poem about the events. His poem so impressed one of his colleagues that the colleague translated the poem into Mandarin.

Local Has Prolific Writing Career

Jul 21,2016


While writing a story about Alameda resident Lyle La Faver’s poetry, I discovered that I had much more to tell. I learned that, not unlike me, ink flowed in La Faver’s veins. He spent most of his life writing not just poems but news copy — lots of news copy. 

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File photo  Nothing makes a kid’s day like a swing on the monkey bars. Locals can make days like this happen by helping build a playground next Thursday.

Help Build A Dream

Jul 14,2016


Some 150 members of the public are asked to join in a community effort to build a new playground for the community in just one day, Thursday, July 21, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. To pull this off, volunteers will be needed to prepare the site on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 19 and 20.    

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