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Skilled nursing facilities provide a range of health services including post-acute care following an inpatient hospital stay and allowing residents to recuperate under the guidance of rehabilitation specialists in preparation for returning home. 


The arrival of spring has brought changes at local real estate company OMM Inc. It is with sincere delight that Jan Mason, owner of OMM, Inc., welcomes Barbara Price to the team at OMM, Inc.

Price is no stranger to OMM having worked many years with former OMM broker Hadi Monsef on significant community projects along with development projects for the benefit of property and business owners. Price shared a love for community and good works with Monsef and continues to foster those good works today.


Some stuff is just bound to cause catastrophe. Stuff like: running over the DMV examiner’s foot; giving your boss a can of deodorant or telling your date she’s morbidly obese. Kitchen catastrophes can happen the same way, like: deep-frying a turkey and torching your house, tossing a ghost pepper in the guacamole, just for fun, or using a crummy corned beef and cabbage recipe on St. Patrick’s Day. 


The issue of flooding stretches beyond Bay Farm and covers the entire city and the site of the former Naval Air Station. As mentioned in the lead article, about 2,000 parcels located throughout the city lie within the newly identified 100-year floodplain. “That means there is a 1 percent chance that in any one year these properties would experience flooding from extreme high tides and storm activity,” the city states on its website. 

Alameda Unified School District has announed its Youth Career and Job Fair is slated for 3 to 5 p.m., Friday, March 18, at the Encinal High School gymnasium, 210 Central Ave. The event is free to all public high school students in Alameda. 

Students have the opportunity to apply for local summer jobs and paid internships, talk to representatives from local colleges and explore opportunities in vocational education.

To find out more, contact Eric Fonstein, City of Alameda, at efonstei@alamedaca.gov or 747-6895.