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Alameda fathers and their daughters enjoyed the 18th annual Father-Daughter Dance Party co-sponsored by Girls Inc. of the Island City and Alameda Recreation & Park Department last month. The dance party, with the theme “Out of this World” took place Feb. 8 at the Albert H. DeWitt O’Club at Alameda Point. The special party is just for girls, ages 5 to 12, and their fathers or other significant role models. The event featured dancing, arts and crafts, hors d’oeuvres and other fun. Each daughter also received a special memento at the end of the evening.


As part of the Alameda Free Library’s Summer Reading Challenge, Alamedans are invited to help create a photomosaic showing all the different people, places and things that make Alameda such a special place to live. It takes a lot of “I’s” (people, animals, buildings, trees, beaches and more) to create the “We” that is Alameda.

More than 400 umbrella-less participants took advantage of the clear skies overhead last Friday evening as they strolled along Downtown Alameda’s Whiskey Stroll route. Ticket holders visited 11 unique businesses to savor perfectly paired bites from local downtown chefs paired with premium whiskeys from around Northern California. 

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The United States Supreme Court decided in the 2010 Citizens United case that states could not restrict the amount of money given to political campaigns by corporations, unions and other organizations. A lot has been said about “dark money” — funds whose source can’t be traced that are contributed to candidates or ballot measures.