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More host families are sought for an Alameda foreign exchange program due to start Friday, June 28, and continue through Friday, July 26. A total of 19 students from Spain will visit Alameda this summer. They range in age from 13 to 18. The students will take three excursions each week to places like: Great America, Alcatraz, an Oakland A’s game, a soccer match and more. 

Alameda resident and member of the Alameda Photographic Society Brando Ho displays his “Best in Competition” award from the Northern California Camera Club’s (N4C) annual competition on March 16 (right). His winning photograph of a hooded merganser appears above.

The Alameda Photographic Society was founded in 1940 and is one of 16 Bay Area camera clubs that compete in N4C’s monthly and annual photography contests. Ho’s winning picture was judged as the “Best in Competition” from thousands of images submitted during the 2018 contests. 

Many people don’t think too often about the dirt beneath their feet, but the dirt that covers most of the Earth’s dry land makes growing things possible. For those of us who want to have healthy and happy gardens, the composition of that dirt — usually called “soil,” in this context — is vitally important. 

Ospreys are large fish-eating raptors with a wingspan of 58 to 72 inches. They are relative new-comers to the Bay Area; the first nest documented at Mare Island in 1990. Bay Area nests have increased yearly and are moving south. One theory offers that these are an expansion of an abundant Clear Lake population, but we don’t know. It is interesting that osprey remains have not yet been found in carefully examined San Francisco Bay shell mounds.

No TV or cell phones for Alameda Scouts this weekend, instead the kids were all breaking a sweat. Both days a group of Eagle Scout hopefuls hammered and sanded with power tools in the process of making three large redwood planter boxes for Buena Vista United Methodist Church. The boxes will be displayed in front of the church located on Buena Vista Avenue between Park and Oak streets.