Feature Articles

Have a question about an employment problem? Need help with a landlord-tenant matter? Trying to settle a family member’s estate? Check out the Lawyers in the Library program at the Alameda Free Library.

The Lawyers in the Library Program is a countywide service offered by Legal Access Alameda, the pro bono arm of the Alameda County Bar Association. It is staffed by volunteer attorneys and hosted by Alameda’s libraries. 

While the new artwork is currently hanging, a celebration for Rhythmix’ “The Writing on the Wall” will not take place until Feb. 19.

'The Writing is on the Wall" is Rhythmix K Gallery's first exhibit in 2020 (January 11th - February 29th) featuring Japanese calligraphy and carbon copies of typewritten letters from World War II internment camps, artist Najib Joe Hakim’s photographs of Palestinian and Lebanese walls and Salma Arastu’s paintings that are inspired by the scripture of the Quran.

Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft and Albany Mayor Nick Pilch will join other local officials at a noon press conference next Wednesday, Jan. 15, at Alameda City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Ave. Ezzy Ashcraft and Pilch want to make Alameda and surrounding cities aware that the state of California must end permits for new oil and gas wells. 

A commonly found beautiful local bird called the house finch, is helping humans solve complex questions about epidemics and disease spread. I’ve had the opportunity to observe them during twice-monthly bird surveys at the Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary at Crown Beach this past year.

On one of my forays last spring, the cheerful bird with the red headband, rump and breast flew from a bird feeder to the top of a nearby tree. He perched there like a perfect ornament, surveying his territory. This male house finch mated and raised a family this summer along our shoreline. 

During the week of Dec. 15, Alameda Kiwanis joined the Alameda Firefighters Toy Drive at Christ Church Episcopal Church. Club members sorted toys gathered in barrels at local businesses in the church parish hall, transforming it into a huge toy store. On Dec. 20 to 21, as Alameda families came to collect their holiday gifts, with volunteers spoke to the children and assessed their wish lists. The Kiwanis and Church elves then went into the toy store to shop and emerged with a bagful of custom-selected toys for each family.