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Rick Lewis -- In their breeding plumage, Hooded Mergansers show off their fancy heads as they prepare to head north to raise this year's chicks.

Catch the Winter Ducks with the Showy Heads

Mar 15,2023

Three uncommon, small ducks came into view, gliding effortlessly on the glassy morning water in the Bay Farm lagoon: Hooded Mergansers. What a treat! A few years ago, my birding friend and I saw 14 of them together on a local outing.

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File Photo -- Far be it from us to criticize anyone — especially when it comes to typos — but this street sign is misspelled.

What’s in a Name? ‘Ellen Crag’ Avenue

Feb 23,2023

On the Main Island between Grand and Hibbard streets sits a one block long road known as “Ellen Crag Avenue” if you read the street signs. A crag is defined as a steep cliff or rugged rock face. Not exactly a common sight in Alameda. So what is going on?

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Alameda Unified School District -- Last month, Encinal High’s student radio station staff visited KQED radio station’s San Francisco offices.

Encinal Radio Staff’s Day at KQED

Feb 14,2023

During our radio class at Encinal High School (EHS), we were presented with a new opportunity. Our teacher Kevin Gorham announced that we had been selected to participate in KQED’s Youth Takeover program.

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Rick Lewis  -- The two adult Bald Eagles that are building a nest on Bay Farm Island survey their surroundings from a eucalyptus tree.

Bald Eagles Nesting in Alameda

Jan 17,2023

When the news came out that there were nesting Bald Eagles in Milpitas, the birding community was astounded and concerned. How could these majestic birds successfully breed, hunt, and live in a residential area just ten miles from the hubbub of San Jose?

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