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Common Networks, a Bay Area-based wireless Internet service provider, which began its early expansion in Alameda, is now bringing discounted connectivity to Alameda Point Collaborative (APC). As COVID-19 increases stay-at-home orders, the need for high-speed home Internet becomes increasingly critical for at-home learning, health guidelines and more. Until the partnership with Common, many APC residents were unable to access a broadband connection.

What was supposed to be an end of the year event turned into an online extravaganza for the Alameda High School (AHS) drama department. On May 22, the drama department livestreamed The Living Room Cabaret. The event was a variety-talent show hybrid, featuring talented actors and singers from AHS. More than 250 people tuned in for the live event and, as of May 23, the show had more than 520 views.

A significant amount of work went into planning the night.

The Island City had two anchors in 1918. Its newest resort, Neptune Beach, was drawing people from all over the Bay Area. Its largest industry, shipbuilding, was employing people at Bethlehem Steel’s Alameda Yard to turn out ships to help see the country through World War I. 

Alameda wanted 1942 residents ready for gas attack

A folded bundle of faded, mimeographed copies of a single-page, double-sided bulletin dated April 18, 1942, sat in a drawer for years until my husband cleaned it out as part of a massive de-cluttering effort during shelter-at-home at our house. I had picked it up at an estate sale because the title was so strange. 

In recognition of Mental Health Month and to help ensure those struggling know they are not alone, City staff decided to try something new. Alameda joined other cities across the country and shined a green spotlight on City Hall. Lime green is the official color of mental-health awareness.

A profound effect of the pandemic is more people than ever experiencing mental health challenges with increasing anxiety, depression and even thoughts of suicide.