FAAS Contract in Discussion


The Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) is seeking to renegotiate its contract with the city of Alameda so it can better manage the Alameda Animal Shelter. FAAS sent out a press release to Alameda residents and city leaders stating the reasons it needs more funding for the shelter. 

“The budget under the current contract with the city does not provide sufficient funds to maintain this standard of service,” read the statement. “FAAS has been raising private money and the staff has worked heroically to make up the funding deficit, but this is not sustainable in the long run. We are dipping into our reserves to maintain current services and expect to run out of money in a matter of months.”

FAAS said the only alternative if it does not get more funding is to revert to a facility that operates more like a dog pound. This option would end the animal shelter’s many services to stray animals, such as vaccinations, flea treatment and medical or behavioral rehabilitation. FAAS also created a Pet Food Pantry for low-income families, special funds to provide rehabilitation for animals that need it and a Humane Education Program to teach school children how to care for pets.

FAAS will be presenting its case to the City Council at the Tuesday, Oct. 4 meeting. To learn more about this effort for a new contract, visit www.alamedaanimalshelter.org.