Expansion Plan Begins at Cove

Eric J. Kos    The Alameda Federal Building, part of the former U.S. Maritime Service Officer’s Training Center on McKay Avenue is currently being demolished.

Alameda Federal Building makes way for more parkland on West End

A former maritime officer’s training facility building at 1251 McKay Ave. is currently being demolished across from the Crab Cove Visitor Center. The building, which once displayed a sign reading “Alameda Federal Building” will make way for more park-related uses under the auspices of the East Bay Regional Park District. Due to pontential for hazardous materials, the building needed to undergo abatement prior to demolition funded by Measure CC taxes earmarked for park improvements.

The site will be temporarily landscaped and surrounded with a fence until the district formalizes its plans for the site. The district secured the site last March.

The U.S. Maritime Service Officer School operated in Alameda from 1943 until its closing in 1954. The building at 1251 McKay dates to 1942 and was in use until 1965. The school opened in June 1943 to train officers for the U.S. Merchant Marine. By August that year some 900 officers had been trained. Before its first anniversary the school had sent some 2,000 officers to sea.