Encinal Students March to City Hall to Protest Current Gun Laws

Kelly Quach via Encinal Horizon--Dozens of students gathered in front of City Hall during last Friday’s protest.

Encinal Students March to City Hall to Protest Current Gun Laws

On June 3, Encinal High School (EHS) students participated in a walkout advocating for nationwide gun control in the aftermath of mass shooting events last month in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, Texas. Demonstrators marched from EHS, at 210 Central Ave., to City Hall — about 2.8 miles away.

Protesters held signs admonishing the country’s current gun laws, or lack thereof. One person held a sign that read, “Protect kids, not guns.” Another student’s sign read, “How many lives is enough?” Once at City Hall, student demonstrators spoke to the crowd from the entrance steps.

“We’ve protested several times at this school, and I’ve expected the same results as we did back in 2018 when we did a similar walkout to the one today,” said EHS junior and co-organizer of the protest, Vinny Camarillo to EHS’ Horizon, the school’s news publication. “It makes me upset that we didn’t have the same support as we did before.”

Despite his frustration, Camarillo was optimistic.

“I think it went well,” he said. “The mayor did come out and said that they’re working on the federal level to pass sensible gun laws.”

Kelly Quach via Encinal Horizon   Encinal High Students march to City Hall on Friday, June 3 to protest the mass killings that to place in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, NY.