Elite Foundations Are High on Carbon Dioxide

Elite Foundations Are High on Carbon Dioxide

In his response to my letter about resilient cities (“Not resilient enough,” April 24), Paul English extolls the virtues of “science” in advocacy of the carbon dioxide theory of global warming (“Facts, not hysteria, May 1). This is typical as scientists are the new godly priests who know best. 

Advocates of the theory simply repeat the same old mantras we’ve seen in the media for years, alleging the support of scientists, while exhibiting no real knowledge themselves about the subject.

“Climate scientists” are always quoted, but few actual climatologists. A climatologist studies climate, while a “climate scientist” may be anything — a biologist, an ecologist, a physicist, a chemist, a sociologist, a graduate student, a doctor, a financier, a presidential candidate, a public policy advocate, a professional bureaucrat, a representative of Britain’s royal family, so long as he or she believes in carbon dioxide. What’s important is not science, but advocacy. 

A century ago, climatologists came up with classifications of climates worldwide, defining climate as having repeatable patterns of weather events over time in a particular place. Twenty-two climates were established (sometimes more), developed from records of season-dependent temperature and precipitation going back hundreds of years. Ecosystems were found to have developed according to these basic climatic regimes. All of this was quite predictable, right down to the region’s geographical position on its continent and the ocean currents that moved past.

For example, the “Semiarid Continental” climate of Nebraska far away from the ocean has cold arid winters and periodic thunderstorms in the summer, good for growing grass. The “Humid Subtropical” climate of Louisiana and Florida is heavily influenced by the nearby Gulf of Mexico and thus has rainfall year-round, good for growing forests. 

The “Mediterranean” climate of California is also predictable for its winter-only precipitation and five-or six-month summer drought (there’s a drought every year in California). Temperatures are mild because of the nearby ocean, but not humid because the ocean is dominated by a cold current from the north.

Though carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have almost doubled since 1850, the Mediterranean climate of California has not changed. California remains Mediterranean. The five regions worldwide that are located between 25 and 35 degrees North or South Latitude on the west side of continents that are dominated by cold currents — Southwest Africa, Southwest Australia, Southwest Chile, Southwest North America, and the Mediterranean — are all still Mediterranean in climate. 

Nebraska is still Semiarid Continental, New Orleans is still Humid Subtropical. Despite the rise in carbon dioxide concentrations, nothing has changed. There is no “climate change.” It would take a major rearrangement of the continents or a flipping of the earth on its axis to change the climate, not a tiny molecule like carbon dioxide. If English would study the subject in books, he would know this. Instead he simply repeats media allegations promulgated by the elite financial foundations I mentioned in my original letter.

“Climate scientists” have identified no physical mechanism by which a lowly carbon dioxide molecule, or even four such molecules per 10,000 by volume in the atmosphere, could ever produce a hurricane or a tornado, a flood or a drought. This could be tested, if “climate scientists” want to test it. They could irradiate all fossil fuels, then put up sophisticated instruments to detect the radioactive carbon dioxide, to see where it goes and what it does. But no. What they do instead is repeat facile statements, ignore causality, and then advocate for a shutdown of the industrial system. 

Why? Because environmentalists don’t like people. They prefer the company of wild animals. They’ve been advocating a reduction of the human population since the 1600s, going back to the wacky days of clergyman Thomas Malthus, and have been actively predicting, and advocating for, man’s demise since 1968, with the publication of The Population Bomb. Human population was supposed to crash by now but this didn’t happen because of man’s efforts to amplify the industrial system and all the good it has brought. 

Now the program is to dismantle that system to bring about the population crash artificially. And with the help of the elite foundations, they will succeed, unless the people of Alameda and of the world begin to combat their ugly carbon-dioxide delusions.

Steve Tabor is an Alameda resident.