Election Results Update (Part 2)

Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft
Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft

Election Results Update (Part 2)

The Alameda County Registrar of Voters released the seventh update of the Nov. 8 General Election results Monday, Nov. 21.

Mayoral Race
Incumbent Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft leads in the mayoral race. She has 17,164 (59.29%) total votes. Current City Councilmember Trish Herrera Spencer is second with 10,037 (34.67%) total votes. Barack D. Obama Shaw rounds out the three candidates with 1,748 (6.04%) votes.

City Council
Incumbent Tony Daysog and Tracy Jensen lead the race to elect two city councilmembers. Daysog has 14,089 (27.95%) total votes, while Jensen has 9,851 (19.54%) votes. Political newcomer Hannah Groce sits in third place with 9,218 (18.29%) votes. She’s followed by former councilmember Jim Oddie in fourth with 8,480 (16.82%). Paul Beusterien is fifth with 7,191 (14.27%) votes and Bill Pai has 1,574 (3.12%) votes even though he suspended his campaign in September.

Alameda Unified School Board
Gary Lym and Ryan Lalonde are poised to join the Alameda Unified School District Board of Education. Lym has 17,704 (39.58%) total votes, while Lalonde 13,698 (30.62%) total votes. The top two vote-getters will be elected to the board.

Maria Elena Moreno Van Maren overtook Leland Traiman for third place. She has 6,716 (15.01%). Traiman has 6,611 (14.78%) votes.

Other results
Measure E (City Council Salary Increase)
Yes 15,267 53.97%
No 13,021 46.03%

Measure F (Hotel Tax)
Yes 16,933 59.30%
No 11,620 40.70%

AC Transit District Director, At-Large
Joel Young 175,097 55.93%
Alfred Twu 137,953 44.07%

AC Transit District Director, Ward 3
Sarah Syed 50,457 69.92%
Stewart G. Chen 21,705 30.08%

Alameda County Board of Supervisor, 3rd District
Lena Tam 40,190 52.10%
Rebecca Kaplan 36,951 47.90%

District Attorney
Pamela Price 228,721 53.14%
Terry Wiley 201,676 46.86%

The County Registrar’s Office has counted 495,599 ballots so far. The election results will be certified next month.

The information here was accurate as of publication on Tuesday, Nov. 22. For more up-to- date information, visit the ROV at https://www.acvote.org/index.