Election Results Causing Sleepless Nights, Shame

Election Results Causing Sleepless Nights, Shame


I have hardly slept since King Trump was elected President. Every time I hear about another bizarre tweet or another frightening appointee, I worry a little more about the future of our country. I am a proud Alamedan but for the first time in my life, I am ashamed to be an American.

I am ashamed that we still have an antiquated, undemocratic Electoral College, which stops the presidential candidate with the most votes from getting elected. I am ashamed that only half of the population voted. 

I am ashamed that the Trump voters, as well as those who voted for third-party candidates and those who didn’t vote at all, have all unleashed the worst possible president in history on the American people. I am ashamed that a fear-mongering con man has bamboozled his supporters, and now we are stuck with an ignorant, inexperienced, incompetent, impulsive, vindictive, vitriolic, deviant, narcissistic, xenophobic, racist, divisive, power-hungry sociopath with fascist tendencies. 

Trump’s total ignorance and disregard for the Constitution are evident in his tweet that people who burn the flag should be jailed or lose their citizenship. It is frankly embarrassing that the President Elect does not know or care that this is protected by the First Amendment.

I am ashamed that the poisonous racism which is so widespread in our country has been ramped up by Trump’s election, due to his ongoing rhetoric which supports and fuels racist thinking. All the racist crazies now feel they have license to openly spew their hatred, make their threats and act on them. It is now more dangerous than ever to be African American, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim (or any race other than caucasian.)

I am ashamed that the Democratic National Committee supported and promoted Hillary Clinton as it’s nominee rather than Bernie Sanders. Clinton, in spite of her lengthy and successful years in public service, was not liked or trusted due to her email scandal. Sanders, unlike Trump, represents a positive change in government for the many Americans who repudiate the status quo. He had a much better chance than Clinton of winning the election. 

I am also ashamed that so many people confused socialism with social democracy, which is what Sanders espoused. Social democracy is a Scandinavian-style government with a high level of income equality and social welfare provisions within a capitalistic society, with similarities to Roosevelt’s New Deal. It is what so many Americans want but they can’t put a name to it. 

I foresee a lot of buyer’s remorse with Trump’s presidency but it is obvious that a good part of the population has no right to complain. 

I will conclude that as a woman I am ashamed that women would actually vote for a sexual predator for President. They should all be ashamed of themselves.