Election Funding Examined in Depth

Courtesy LWVA; charts by Allan Mann &nbsp&nbsp The above charts, compiled by the League of Women Voters describe contributions to the Measure K campaign by location (top) and donor type.

Election Funding Examined in Depth

The City Clerk’s office recently released the financial campaign statements from Board of Education candidates and Measure K advocates and opponents filed last month.

Mia Bonta accumulated $32,217 in campaign contributions since the beginning of the year for her Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) Board of Education campaign. The majority of it came from individual donations, but she did receive a sizable amount from candidates for the California Assembly. She received $1,000 from Anthony Rendon, $750 from David Chiu and $500 each from Tom Daly and Adrin Nazarian. Contributions from unions include $2,500 from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 595, $700 from the Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local 104 and $500 a piece from the Transport Workers Union and the Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3.

AUSD Board of Education incumbent Anne McKereghan’s campaign has received $4,447 in contributions. McKereghan has not received any contributions from unions, political campaigns or businesses. Twenty-two of the 25 people who donated to her campaign live in Alameda. The remaining three reside in Oakland. McKereghan borrowed $1,000 to cover expenses.
Incumbent Gary Lym and challenger Kevin Jordan did not release their financial campaign statements.

Measure K will incorporate Ordinance 3148, the city’s rent review ordinance, into the city charter. Alamedan’s in Charge, a property-owner advocacy group, that supports Measure K, has raised $159,136 for its campaign. The majority of the contributions came from the holding companies that own properties in the city. Timber Dell Properties, LLC contributed $26,792.33. The holding company in San Francisco that owns the Driftwood and Lanai apartments donated $62,293.32. The Walnut Creek Holding Company that operates Ballena Village contributed $50,000.

Alamedans for Fair Rent Control, who also support Measure K, raised $2,197. Of this amount $197 was raised through contributions from people who gave less than $100 at a time. Donors who pledged less than $100 are not identified on the California 460 statements. The four people identified in the 460 statement are Alamedans.

Alameda Renters Coalition (ARC) has raised $7,824 in their opposition fight to Measure K. The Filipino Advocates for Justice (FAJ), an advocacy group that fights for the worker and civil rights of Filipinos in California, donated $5,500 to the ARC. ARC also received $100 donations from John Knox White and Doug Biggs, executive director of Alameda Point Collaborative. 

The Committee for No on K Sponsored by Alameda Justice Alliance released updated campaign statements from this month. It shows that FAJ donated $3,762.22 to their campaign, while ARC contributed $2,030.

To view campaign finance charts, visit www.lwvalameda.org/measure-k.html and www.lwvalameda.org/school-board.html

Courtesy LWVA;